by Glenn Hawkins 27 Nov, 2017
New years Day 01st
Ropes off @ 9.15 for a wreck dive (TBC)
Saturday 06th
Ropes off @ 07.30for a wreck dive (LOCAL)
Ropes off @ 13.15 for a wreck dive(MILLGATE)
Sunday 07th
Ropes off @ 8.15 for a wreck dive(ASHFORD) 
Ropes off @ 12.00for a drift dive
Saturday 20th
Ropes off @ 8.30for a drift dive
Ropes off @ 12.15 for a wreck dive (FORTUNA)
Sunday 21st
Ropes off @ 9.00 for a drift dive
Ropes off @ 12.40for a wreck dive (BRAUNTON)
Saturday 27th
Ropes off @ 9.00for a drift dive
Ropes off @ 12.15for a wreck dive (VASCO)
Sunday 28th
Ropes off @ 9.00for a drift dive
Ropes off @ 13.45 for a wreck dive dive  (TR THOMPSON)

Learn to dive locally with Newhaven Scuba. We are very lucky to have our own Open Water Dive site in Sussex meaning no long journeys to inland Quarrys or lakes. All our courses include dive site entry and boat fees, so no hidden costs to worry about.
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PADI is the world's largest and most popular recreational training organisation. Using a consistent set of standards and guidelines, you can be sure that, as a PADI diver, your underwater skills and knowledge will be second to none. PADI's Open Water Course is the most popular and recognised diving certification accepted at over 5,000 dive centres and resorts worldwide. If you have any questions about these courses, contact us today.

Become the diver you have always wanted to be with our dive courses in Newhaven. Call 01273 612 012 for more information.

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